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About Repair My Light

Our service is called ‘RepairMyLight’.

Sometimes replacing a transformer is not always the cure to a working light fitting. Other damage to the internal components of the light fitting may have been caused by the original transformer failing as is the case with over 90% of repairs.

Infact it’s not just light fittings we repair. We have been known to repair old overhead illuminated shop display signs.

Our labour charge to repair a standard household light fitting is £27.50. This is cheaper than an electrician’s call out charge!

The only other applicable charges would be any components that needed replacing ie. wiring, bulb holders etc and the courier charge to return the light fitting *

Customers who have light fittings larger than a standard household light fitting ie chandeliers or a light fitting with a diameter larger than 60cm will need to contact us for pricing.
Customers who wish to send us chandeliers on a pallet may do so as we have sufficient space.

Please note we can not accept anything longer than 1.5m when packed as couriers are now applying a long length surcharge.

Customers who wish to use this service are asked to comply with the following:-


  • Remove all glass or plastic shades, hooks and anything fragile from the light fitting leaving just the bare light unit.
  • Include the damaged transformer (and new transformer if already purchased).
  • Include the light bulbs in a bag or small box. Do not leave them in the bulb holders as they are prone to snapping and leaving the pins in the bulb holders.
  • Wrap the light fitting in protective packaging to avoid damage during transit.
  • Place the light fitting in a very strong box.

Although we aim to fix every light fitting we receive, some light fittings maybe too badly damaged to repair, have a compressed, sealed unit which is a one way fit or have LED PCB chipsets which are manufacturer specific and cannot be repaired.

Should this apply the customer will need to decide whether they require the light fitting back or whether we are to recycle the light fitting (at our cost).

If a customer requests the light fitting to be returned the only charge payable would be the return courier charge.

Should a customer request the light fitting to be disposed of then absolutely no charges would apply.


Remember you don’t pay the standard labour charge if we cannot repair your light fitting.


* – Courier surcharges will apply to some postcode locations around the UK.
A light fitting will not be returned to any customer in any location until the return courier costs have been paid for.

Any completed repair which is not paid for within 21 days of completion will be disposed of.