Terms & Conditions

 Shipping & Delivery

1) We only accept repairs from UK customers.

2) We have no drop off or collection facilities.

3) RepairMyLight dispatches goods via Parcelforce using a tracked delivery with basic insurance and a signature service.

4) RepairMyLight retains proof of delivery for all items dispatched.
4a) Completed repairs are dispatched the same day following payment, if not, the next working day. This excludes weekends and bank holidays. Cut off times apply.
4b) RepairMyLight does not offer a bank holiday or weekend delivery service.

5) RepairMyLight uses Parcelforce for all deliveries.
5a) RepairMyLight will not be held responsible for shipment delay however so caused, damage to goods or for loss of goods in transit under any circumstances.
5b) Parcelforce is the delivery agent responsible for ensuring safe delivery of goods.
5c) Parcelforce has the Duty of Care to ensure goods are delivered undamaged.
5d) If goods we send are damaged in transit we will file a claim against the courier on behalf of the customer.
5e) A proof of purchase will be required to submit to the courier as part of the claims process for every light fitting damaged.
5f) Should a customer’s light fitting be damaged in transit to RepairMyLight the customer must make a claim against the courier used.

6) It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us if an item has not arrived within seven days of the goods being dispatched.

7) RepairMyLight must be advised of any damage upon receipt of the goods to enable a claim against the courier in a timely manner.
7a) Should the customer delay advising us of damage to goods upon receipt the courier is likely to refuse a claim of which RepairMyLight has no control over.

8) By using and paying for the repair service of RepairMyLight the customer is entering into a formal contract for the repair service we offer and bears the full risk in sending and receiving goods using a courier. Our T&C’s will apply to any service of work.
8a) A formal contract for our service of work does not need to be signed by a customer for work to commence.
8b) A customer must inform us if the goods being sent for repair are of considerable value to enable us to correctly insure the goods for their return shipment.
8c) Should a customer not comply with 8b the courier’s standard insurance will apply in the event of any claim.

9) All components sold by RepairMyLight are brand new, tested and guaranteed for one year from the date of repair against manufacturing defects.
9a) All components are security marked.

10) Any completed repair which is not paid for within 21 days of completion will be disposed of.


1) All products installed by RepairMyLight are brand new, tested and guaranteed for one year from the date of repair against faulty components.

2) All light fittings MUST be fitted by a qualified Electrician in keeping with the guarantee on any components.

3) Should RepairMyLight suspect a light fitting has been deliberately damaged through incorrect
fitting or tampering we may request documentation to confirm correct installation.

4) Any customer who attempts to modify, disassemble or tamper with a light fitting post repair will
render the guarantee void.

5) Any customer who removes the warranty sticker from a component will render the guarantee

6) Power surges, spikes, short circuits, brownouts, irregular voltage, the product’s safety cut out
(SCO), momentary electricity disruption (transient fault), electricity disconnection, lightning strikes,
adverse weather conditions, electrical trees, electro magnetic interference (EMI) which damage a
transformer are not covered by the guarantee as these are deemed to be forces beyond the
manufacturers control.

7) RepairMyLight is not responsible for any financial expenses a customer suffers as a result of a component being ‘faulty’ or from being damaged in transit.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
We accept payment by Bank Transfer for all repairs carried out.