Here's what our customers had to say about us and our service

28/07/2019 – Anthony Darragh


Many thanks Steven for remembering to contact me – great customer service!  I have ordered one.




05/07/2019 – George Speed


May I just congratulate your Company and staff on a fast, efficient and effective service.

We are mightily impressed. Thank you so much.

Kind regards



18/06/2019 – Gordon Frampton


Hi Steve,

Many Thanks for speeding this along, the units arrived this morning (amazing), much appreciated.



07/05/2019 – George Cross


Hello no problems just to say thank you for your help and advice with updating 
my celling lights. They are working great and would and will recommend you.

Kindest regards George and misses.


29/04/2019 – Alain David


CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE EFFICIENCY Ordered day 1 from France and delivered home day 2 repared day 3 YOU SAVED MY LIGHT !!!!!



18/04/2019 – Anthony Bradley


Received safely and fitted. Thanks for your speedy response.
Anthony Bradley


07/03/2019 – Kenneth Amor


You have saved my light and my bacon.



15/01/2019 – RBW Ter Veer


HI Steven
Great thanks, looking forward to get this piece sent to me

Superb service SIR



08/01/2019 – Jean Claude Gourmelon



The unit is running very well; thank you very much
Best Regards and happy new year
Jean Claude Gourmelon  Yvon Henry


06/12/2018 – Tim Vincent


Hi Steve,

Just to say thank you for the sensor switch which saved me having to buy a new Roper Rhodes bathroom mirror and light. Exact match and now works perfectly

Kind regards. Tom Vincent.


You are most welcome. Enjoy the festive season. Steve


28/11/2018 – C.Whiteman


Dear Steve

As above for great service again also call back.

Unit arrived morning post fitted brilliant.

Again many thanks

Steve C Whiteman


22/11/2018 – Ernest Brown

Many thanks for your first class service. Order purchased 17/11/18 arrived 21/11/18. Part fitted & lamp working perfectly. Satisfied customer.

12/11/2018 – Gareth Griffiths

I recently bought 2 SELF SLT6 LED driver units from you, the second because I wired the first in the wrong way round, and ruined the device! The second in installed and the unit is working again. I just wanted to thank you for the speed with which you dealt with my orders and delivered my units; the second came within 24 hours from placing the order – very impressive indeed, Many thanks, Gareth Griffiths

11/11/2018 – David Hughes


Thanks for the ordered light switch. It works well and I thank you for ‘saving my light’


04/11/2018 – John Emery


Many thanks for your help with wiring this device, all went well.

Best regards,
John Emery

Fix It Don’t Bin It


11/10/2018 – Gerald Mariel


Hello Steven,
I´m very sorry, I have got the led driver yesterday, I haven´t  seen it.
Very fast delivery, incredible!
Thank you very much!
Regards, Gery


26/07/2018 – John Tuthill

Dear Sirs, Just a big thank you for the efficient service you provide. Delivered when you said so, and saving a light fitting(Mother & daughter lamp) my wife thought we would have to replace. It now works perfectly with the replacement dimmer. Many thanks(Your web page is now on my ‘favourites’ list) Regards John Tuthill

21/07/2018 – David Wittam



Dear Sir,

Firstly I would like to thank you for sending me the goods so quickly after purchase. The goods arrived the next day.
The new part has repaired my light and keeps my wife happy.
Furthermore the free gift that was included with my goods was delightful and completely unexpected and I shall certainly be installing this floodlight on my workshed.
What a wonderful service. I have bookmarked your company and will certainly be advising people where to purchase these components in the future.
Thanking you again.

Mr D Wittam


16/07/2018 – Mike Madigan

Wow Steve, an answer at 21:03! That is service – transformer ordered and I shall ensure you get excellent feedback. Regards Mike

05/07/2018 – John Welsh

Ordered a replacement lighting transformer, delivered in just over 24 hours. Exact replacement, fair price, excellent installation instructions and worked perfectly. Its great to find such terrific service. Many thanks.

12/06/2018 – Graham Baxter



Steven I checked the dimmer as you said with a wire to a 50w 12v bulb with no success the light didn’t come on,I also checked the fuse in the plug just to make sure but no light, so I am now looking to replace it.After looking on your site I understand I need a Huibolong HT15024V1 dimmer switch because mine is no longer being produced.If this is right I am now going to order one from you, can you please just confirm this is the right one.Thank you very much for your help nice to do business with such a good company 



10/06/2018 – Janet Parry



Firstly thank you so much for the products received. They really have saved my light fitting and the need to buy a replacement.  I will definitely use you again and provide a review wherever needed.
Just one tiny thing, one of the light bulbs was damaged in its box ( see photo). Please could you send a replacement?
Janet Parry


Hello, thank you for your review and the picture of the damaged bulb.
A replacement is on the way.



08/06/2018 – Martin Crimble


Hi, I ordered a transformer for my light this yesterday and it arrived
today and is installed and working. 
What an excellent service to deliver in such short timescales.



24/05/2018 – Tim Johnson


The item was safely received this morning, has now been installed and so my light fitting is fully operational again. Very many thanks for the prompt delivery and the very sensible instructions and cautionary notes. Your service is very much appreciated. Excellent value. Thanks again.

Tim Johnson


29/04/2018 – Nick Michaelides


Hello Steve, 
Sorry for the late reply, I only just noticed the email. 
The previous fault has been identified. 
After replacing some of the bulbs we realised the power exceeded the transformer’s output. 
We have now taken all the bulbs out, and replaced our light with the appropriate wattage.

Best regards Nick


28/04/2018 – David Lowe


Thank you for your very prompt and efficient service.

Regards Dave Lowe


13/04/2018 – Phil Stamp


Hi Steve,
Got it sorted – thank you.
I swapped the 60w output (which was working) with the 300w one (which wasn’t) and confirmed it was the dimmer.
Replacement arrived from your selves today – all up and running.
Thanks again,


12/03/2018 – David Stewart


Hi Steve

I just wanted to express my thanks for assisting me with my faulty light fitting and being able to diagnose the exact reason as to why my light fitting was not working.
Clearly you guys know your stuff despite my ramblings that the light was in perfect working order.
I now understand that if my original unit was not working and the new unit you guys sent was not working then the only avenue left was the fitting itself.
My own stupid fault for not checking what the dippy wife purchased! 20w G4 bulbs from B&Q and we have been using them for years so in effect doubling the load. So this is the reason why as they should be 10w. This is why the light cuts out and then comes back on.
Your guidance notes although long are invaluable and I should have taken more notice of them instead of ‘skipping’ through them.
I have learnt a valuable lesson in that it is not simply a case of swapping a component and the light fitting will work. As you said on the telephone to me the product is part of many components and components will affect the product. You were spot on!

Thanks again.


Mr Stewart,

Thank you for your kind comments which I will pass on.
Unfortunately nearly every customer in the same situation as you believes the product is faulty and no matter how many times we try to explain to a customer of this they will not listen, understand or read the Guidance Notes.
It is a regular battle that we face. It is not a simple case of buying a new product and the light fitting will work again.
We have customers sticking test meters of all types on to the terminals to which they declare the product is faulty yet they are not even testing the product correctly as such the reading shown is completely wrong.
Customers instead get very angry and it ends up with customers demanding more and more products.
However I am pleased your light fitting is now up and running.



09/03/2018 – Ian Lawrence


Hi, Steve,

The driver arrived in the post this afternoon and is working fine.

Many thanks again for your assistance.


Ian Lawrence


20/02/2018 – Ian Ballinger


Hi Steven

Just a note to say thanks for the speedy service. Our transformer was delivered quickly and is now installed and working perfectly.  Nice job.
Thanks once again

Ian Ballinger


Thank you for letting me know.
It’s nice to know we are saving light fittings.



10/02/2018 – Joe McGill


Thank you unit arrived today, fitted and working well. It saved me buying new light units for my lounge at £450


Joe M


10/02/2018 – Mr John Dalby


I’d like to say thankyou after receiving my order today. The service was superb, email confirmation on my order and delivery progress was great.  I’ve now replaced the defective transformer and saved my light.  Will recommend you in the future.

John Dalby
Thank you Mr Dalby. It’s nice to receive comments on our service.
We have made changes recently to the UK side where our website now sends the tracking details immediately upon order completion. We have also updated our Guidance Notes.
Thank you for dealing with us.
Kind Regards,
Mr Steven Williams


26/12/2017 – Stephen Moll


New HTV105C1 received about 20 minutes ago.

Now working.
Many thanks and Merry Christmas.



21/12/2017 – David Cornwell


Order placed.
Many thanks for your assistance Steve and have a lovely Christmas.

Kind Regards
David Cornwell


19/12/2017 – Per Olav Johansen


Fantastic, arrived after two days from UK to doorstep Norway !

And it Works!



Per olav johansen


12/12/2017 – Simon Lerna


Despite ordering after your cut off time on the 11th December the goods arrived at 8.14am on 12th December.
I work that out to be about 14 hours from the time of order. I cannot ask for better than that.
My light fitting is working again and this time my plumber assures me the shower will not leak!



David had to tax his car and he took with him about 8 orders. Might as well kill two birds with one stone!!
Pleased your light is working again.



05/12/2017 – Trevor Tew


To Management,

I am writing to express my gratitude with the advice I received on the telephone from Steve.
Steve was able to diagnose the cause of the transformer not working witin minutes. I was using the wrong bulbs which most likely damaged my original unit.
What a service and it has saved me money hiring an electrician who would most likely have blamed the product.
Thanks once again.

Trevor Tew


28/11/2017 – Paul Ward


Thank you so much for your prompt service. I recieved my order and it worked perfectly, so much so I’ve placed another order for another touch dimmer.
FYI these are for a Phillips touch dimmer lamp which would take about 10-20 mins before it would start to work correctly. Once I replaced the dimmer it worked as it should.

Thanks again

Paul Ward


18/11/2017 – Peter Burchett



That’s what I call fast service, and on a Saturday afternoon
very impressed.
Many thanks


17/11/2017 – Phil Vickerton


Excellent, worked first time.

Thank you for saving my light, despite spares, “not being available” from original suppliers,





04/11/2017 – Stephen Hinton-Smith


Just want to say thanks for your help the led driver you suggested was a perfect retro fit for my light fittings. Regards Stephen Hinton-Smith


01/11/2017 – Neil Campbell



We recently had a fault on a double rotary dimmer switch unit in a floor lamp in our living room.
On taking the switch unit to bits I discovered the fault and came to the conclusion that there was little chance of sourcing a replacement, and we were considering binning the floor lamp and replacing it.
I am a naturally curious person, and before deciding to bin it I took the whole switch unit to bits and discover a make and model number on the back.
Typed this info into google, and in amongst the web pages that came up was your web site, and a page with the exact unit that I needed .I was pretty impressed with this alone, and I immediately ordered a replacement, along with the small extra delivery charge for 1st class postage.
All this was done around 10.30 yesterday morning.
I was even more impressed when our Posty rang the bell at 9 o’clock this morning and asked me to sign for your package.
Fitted the unit within half an hour , and the whole thing was up and running again in under 24hrs.
Pretty dammed good service if you ask me and I felt that I had to email you to thank you for an excellent service, and such a good idea to stock items that can repair broken equipment,rather than the throw away mentallty which is the norm for much of production goods nowadays.
Many thanks again and keep up the good work.
PS- Yes I am electrically trained, unlike our 3 year old grandson who did all the damage in the first place.
Hope your business is still going strong when he gets to be old enough to repair his own damage to things.
Neil Campbell


01/11/2017 – Stephen Smith


Many thanks you have a sale. Great service.


23/10/2017 – David Smith


To the Director,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the advice I received from your staff member Steve in relation to my light fitting.
It would seem my insistance that the product received was faulty was found to be incorrect as Steve was able to diagnose the exact fault with my light fitting by telephone.
A few weeks prior I had installed 20w bulbs (instead of 10w) thus doubling the power of the transformer something I was not aware that G4 bulbs came in different power ratings.
Steve stated this was a common occurrence thus had I read the accompanying guidance notes I would have realised my mistake.
You have a very knowledgeable staff member in Steve so just wanted to express my thanks.

Mr D Smith


10/10/2017 – John Seward


Hi Steve,

Order No 100017342 …. Huibolong Rotary Dimmer …… Received , fitted , Problem solved !
Many thanks
John Seward


08/10/2017 – Gary Always


Saved my light with the transformer purchased from you. 

My old one became submerged in water with the inevitable result.
Now I’m a can-do-man once more.
Thank you.    Gary


06/10/2017 – John Seward


Hi Steve,

photo attached. 
Suspect it’s age is the problem …. it’s 10 / 11 years old ! 
Is there an alternative?


Regards John 



Huibolong HT8024V2 is the replacement.
Available in a clear or a black case.

Kind Regards,
Steven Williams



  Thanks for the info , I’ll order that from your site.

  Fantastic service ! Thank you !

  John Seward



22/09/2017 – Kajal P Chavda


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your kind email.

That is correct I did order this item in May which is working fine, however I have the same light in another room and the transformer seems to be blowing in there so I need another one.

Thank you for checking this for and looking after your customers.

Kind regards Kajal


17/09/2017 – Laurent Degros




I just mount item and item not working (0 volts out)




All units are tested before dispatch. We do not dispatch faulty units. As I say to customers on a regular basis units will not fail immediately upon arrival.
Please ensure the safety cut out has not engaged. If it has the unit will not work or show any output.
Once the fault or component connected to the light fitting has been rectified the unit will auto reset. Most likely detecting the fault that caused your original unit to fail.

Also depending how you are testing the unit it will ALWAYS show 0v and this is why we ask customers not to test units as it gives the impression the unit is not working when it actually is.
Please explain exactly how you are testing the product?

Kind Regards,
Steven Williams





Thanks for your answer

So, finally i found issue in a bulb support !!!!!


Thanks for help


Nice sunday




12/09/2017 – Trevor Payne


Received thank you. Excellent service

Sent from my iPhone


25/07/2017 – David Leiserach


Thank you for the supply of the 3 SELF SLT12-350IF drivers.  Amazing speed of service.  I suggest that you carefully check supply and demand.  Everywhere else I tried to get hold of theses said “discontinued”.  Your stock is probably now VERY valuable!
Best regards   David Leiserach


07/07/2017 – Jim Gregor


Many thanks received my dimmer today. Only ordered yesterday. Great service most appreciated!!

Best regards to all, jim gregor


28/06/2017 – P.Berger



Have receive today. Thanks, super service!
Greetings from Switzerland

P. Berger


26/06/2017 – Peter Goucher


Very many thanks once more for your advice. New unit installed and working well.

Regards Peter


05/06/2017 – George M King


Hello sirs,

Can you be of assistance please. A light fitting purchased around October last year has failed, having tested it out and the transformer has decided its had enough, as I cannot find the original purchase receipt going back to suppliers is not an option, I doubt they would have spares anyway. However I am happy to purchase a transformer if they are available.
Can you please confirm availability and costs from yourselves to my address in United Kingdom. Thank you in advance for your help on this occasion.

George M King



I would check that the safety cut out has not engaged before you consider buying a replacement.
This model is due back in July as we are having a large quantity produced.
However other manufacturer’s models we supply will also be compatible.



Hi  folks, The unit has been examined etc with nothing to indicate a safety cut out, there does not seem to be anything that can be pressed/pushed or slid. Seems like I need to wait until they are back into your stock unless you have a similar unit which can successfully replace it.
We would appreciate if you could place our order and advise us accordingly. Thank you. H


There are no buttons to be pressed or slid. It is part of the PCB inside the unit.
A lighting shop may be of assistance to you.



Thank you for your call earlier this week and for advice and guidance given. I have had the light examined again, I am extremely happy to report the fault was located between the two sections where the wiring separates to the Halogen lamps, now that this has been located and rectified all seems to be working correctly. As indicated by yourselves when the fault is removed the transformer will reset itself. Thank you so much for your very helpful and accurate assistance. Cheers and thank you again.

G M King.


04/06/2017 – Susan Etherington


I think it was Steve I spoke to earlier this week regarding the overheating of the transformer. 
Thanks for the advice, replaced all the bulbs with the correct wattage and unit is now working perfectly.


24/03/2017 – John Farley


Hi just got the new transformer, All fitted and back up and YES YOU HAVE SAVED OUR £220 LIGHT.

Thank you. John & Trudy.


14/03/2017 – Gustav Aardema



I have a lamp with the driver: WAIBERLON HLV50021TD DIMMABLE CONSTANT CURRENT LED DRIVER and i like to add a dimmer to this LED driver.
I have testes several dimmers from klikaanklikuit and all of the let the driver buzz when it is dimmed.
Can you tell me what i have to change? LEDs are 4x5W set in serial (1 lamp have 9.3 volt).
The lamp i use is from Karwei and is named NANDOR.

Kind regards,
Gustav Aardema



If the dimmers are buzzing they are not compatible.
You need a Trailing Edge Dimmer.



Hi Steven,
Thank you for the right information.
Today I have bought a new dimmer type AWMR-210 from klikaanklikuit and this one is good. Almost no buzzing sound from the driver anymore. 

Thanks for the replay and have a good day 

Kind regards,
Gustav Aardema


02/03/2017 – Amy Slater


Hi there yes it worked fine thank you I’ve got 2 very expensive lights that both broke and thought it was worth a try to fix them done the one and did the job so thank you very much.

Many thanks 


28/02/2017 – Herman Van Gyseghem


Concerning my order with number 700001297

After you send you’re information how we must connect the transfo we did like you descried and and we then measure true a multimeter the output.
We didn’t measure any voltage on the multimeter (so 0v instead of 12 V)
We did then a test with a small 12V light and great was our surprise because it was burning
So we connected the chandelier and it worked properly. Our electrician was surprised because he has neev seen that before .
So everything is in order but can you guys gives us an explanation why we measured nothing (with a multimeter)  and when we connected a 12 V light it was burning .
The reason you do not get an output when testing the product on it’s own is because you are measuring the residual charge in the circuit which will normally show 0.1 – 0.6v or 0v.
Our transformers do not give out 12v simply by connecting a 240v supply. It is a common customer misconception that a transformer will give 12v by connecting a 240v supply and no matter how many times we advise electricians they simply cannot understand why this is.
But when you connect a bulb or bulbs to the transformer you are generating a load as such the transformer detects this and regulates the power supply to the bulb. The more bulbs the more power the transformer will give.
I have this same conversation at least 20 times a day all with different products and the majority of electricians simply do not understand the workings of our products. They all assume a 12v output will be given and this is simply not correct. Only the other day did an electrician in the UK call me a liar and said we were talking rubbish because he could not get an output. He clearly needs retraining.
Unfortunately some electricians think they know it all and cannot be advised otherwise.
I am pleased the light is working.


09/02/2017 – Anne Allan



We have used the transformer that you despatched on 30 January and it is 
working fine but now our other light fitting has blown its transformer!!! 
So we do need this second one too!  Guess the transformers must have both 
decided to blow at a similar times!  So please do send us this second order.

Thank you for checking first – that is most efficient service.  Also – thank 
you for your speedy despatch of the other one too.

Best wishes Anne


08/02/2017 – Hylton Parry


I have just ordered two only SLT6- 350IL 24V, reason for this communication is I HOPE due to MY ERROR I have not duplicated the same order on your website.
I MUST recommened Chris who was extremly helpful and VERY informative with the advice he passed onto myself, will definatly recommened your company should the need arrise 10/10

Very best regards Hylton Parry


01/02/2017 – Elizabeth Rice


Hi Steve

Thank you so much for sourcing my transformer my light is up and running.

Elizabeth Rice


29/01/2017 – Mel Pike


Thanks Steve,

Received, installed and working …. let there be light!
Thanks & regards,


28/01/2017 – Andy Wright



Wonder if you can help me.  Finally got round to replacing a bunch of halogen bulbs in a hall light.  All worked fine then I replaced another halogen bulb on the same circuit and when I switched the light back on, it tripped the fuse and now the big light won’t work.

I’ve tested the circuit, that’s all live but I get no continuity on the light fitting (I’ve taken it down now).

It has ten 20W 12V halogen bulbs.  I’m wondering if 200W has blown the transformer – is that likely?  I’m attaching a picture of the transformer.

I was wondering if a 300W transformer is the appropriate replacement – the Eaglerise one looks just the thing but I wanted to check that it will fit and how easy they are to replace.

Any advice gratefully received.


Andy Wright

Unit is rated to 105w and you have inserted 200w of power.
You have either blown the unit or it is in safety mode.
Upgrading to such a large unit may not be possible depending on the gauge of the wiring.

Hi Steve,

Took half the bulbs out and fitted it back on the ceiling.  Works a treat!

Didn’t know a transformer could protect a light in that way.  You’ve saved me a bit of money and a lot of hassle.




27/01/2017 – Guiet


Good morning,

Thanks for your quickly delivery.



20/01/2017 – Gerry Howden


Just to say thanks for the speedy delivery of the transformer I ordered. Fitted today and LED,s now bright and shining again. 

Gerry Howden


14/01/2017 – Alan Robinson


Thank you.

Worked perfectly.
Straightforward to replace on my Dimplex electric fire.


08/01/2017 – Simon Rowbottom


Thank you very much for advice. Transformers received & fitted and bathroom illuminated mirrors working again


Simon Rowbottom


30/12/2016 – Eric Sesmero



I just received the Constant Voltage LED Driver and I was able to repair my ceiling Hofstein 9 spot LED.

I am completely satisfied with this order delivered quickly and thank you because it was almost impossible to find a Driver 12 Vdc / 500mA.

I wish you a very good year 2017.

Eric Sesmero


30/12/2016 – Nicola Gresty


To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to say Thank you for your super quick service with my recent order.

I only ordered the transformer yesterday and received it first thing this morning, my light is now back in full working order!!

I will definitely recommend your company to our friends & family.

Thanks again & a happy new year!

Nicola Gresty


23/12/2016 – Stefan Thulin


Dear all,

Transformer well received, unfortunately not working.

Best regards




All units are tested before despatch. We do not despatch faulty units. Units will not immediately fail upon arrival unless the fault has affected the product.
Infact I tested your unit as my name is on the testing sheet so I can assure you the unit is not faulty.
Please ensure the safety cut out (SCO) has not engaged. If it has the unit will not work at all.
The unit will auto reset once the fault / issue / component affecting the product has been rectified.
If the original fault was not known or not rectified then installing the new unit is very risky as it can be damaged unintentionally.
We are receiving units back in safety mode as customers believe they are faulty, which is resulting in customers being charged for the retesting and redespatch as the product has to go through an extended test.
Please check the unit is not in safety mode to avoid this charge.
The following link may assist you.




Dear Steve

Thanks for your very fast reply and your help in this matter.
Had a short inside the lamp and now everything is working.
Thanks again and happy holidays!




You see something so silly causes the issue.
Happy holidays to you.



20/12/2016 – Richard Kayzor


Our kitchen light failed on Sunday, a week before xmas. Ordered the new ballast the same day, the part arrived Tuesday am and light was working an hour later. Many thanks for such prompt and efficient service.
Richard K


14/12/2016 – J Y Geoffroy



I contacted you yesterday to tell you that there was a
Destination for my order: error attributable to the FEDEX carrier.
Yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by FEDEX by phone. They got me
Assured to make the maximum to find the parcel.
I had no contact this morning, but around 1 pm, the delivery driver
To deliver the parcel with the products conform to my order.
I wanted to inform you of that.
Thank you for the speed of preparation and dispatch of the
Your FEDEX carrier deserves a very positive mention because, although they
Have made a mistake (nobody is infallible) they knew to repair it of
Very effective way!



12/12/2016 – Derek Shepherd


I recently purchased a Hy 3360 dimmer i have 2 similar lights and had a 
replacement switch for one which must be  a HY3360D. But on taking this 
light apart the dimmer is a KD323C. When looking at this dimmer on your site 
it says the HY3360D can be interchanged with the KD323C which has 4 
connections one of which is a blue wire going to an earth terminal, 
therefore can this earth wire be ignored. Thus just wiring live and the 60W 
and 300W.
Thanks in anticipation of your help




The fly wire is a second neutral wire it does NOT run to earth.
Some light fittings have multiple neutrals. If you only have one you can cap 
it off.
The same for the earth point. If you have no earth you can close the 
terminal screw to the closed position and leave.
On the 3360D the neutral is wired externally.



Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply.
Have now wired up light removing spare neutral wire and it is working fine.
Thanks for your very helpful reply.



08/12/2016 – Chris Delahunt


Hi Steve, 

transformer received and installed……..and you have saved my light!  Fixing the one light has saved me having to buy 3 new lights to keep them all matching.  
Really pleased and great service.


25/11/2016 – Harald Lupertz


Hello Steve,

thanks a lot. Great service.
Have a nice weekend.


17/11/2016 – Tim Wright


Comment: ORDER 100014389

Hi Steve,

Ordered a replacement transformer on 15th, delivered (and fitted successfully) this morning. Amazing service – thank you very much.


Tim Wright


15/11/2016 – Darrell Lane


Hi.package delivered a day early, duly installed and working fine.

One satisfied customer.


Darrell Lane


10/11/2016 – Tomas Rodriguez Sauceda


Hi Steve,

I’ve replaced the faulty module with this new one and all works fine again.

Thanks for your support and the quick delivery.



31/10/2016 – A.Hunter


Dear Steve,
Thank you for your advice re my light fitting with broken transformer.
It appears the product you sent was indeed not faulty despite my insistence it was and the issue stopping the transformer from working was a damaged, burnt out terminal block holding all the neutral wires together.
I can only guess this was done when the original unit failed and caused a surge of power.
The terminal has been replaced as some of the wiring and the light now works.
Thank you again.

Mr Hunter


Hello Mr Hunter,

Don’t worry. I am used to it now.
Damaged crimp hat terminals are very common. The damage happens when the original transformer gives that last surge of power before failing.
I am pleased your light is now fixed.



30/10/2016 – Ian Hannant


Hello Steve,

I have to say what a wonderful service from you guys.
To diagnose the exact fault of my light fitting over the telephone without even seeing it is phenominal.
You clearly know your products and their features.As for the notes attached normally you are lucky to even get a scrap of paper with basic instructions on when you buy something, but your 2 pages of A4 notes are superb. The detail in them describing issues and what to do is a credit to your knowledgeable staff.
I have bookmarked you and will certainly recommend you to the trade.

Mr I Hannant


Dear Mr Hannant.

Thank you for your email.

The problem you describe I hear at least twenty times a day over a nine year period so when a customer describes an issue I can normally diagnose the fault instantly.
The issues are mostly the same and always involve the safety cut out.
It’s great to receive emails like this as it shows our service is working.
I just wish more customers would read the guidance notes before fitting products as the information contained within them can assist with issues of products not working.




19/10/2016 – Kevin Glastonbury



I had a problem with my LED Electric Fire made by Valor, the LED lighting effect had failed. When I contacted them I eventually managed to identify the LED driver part that was required to “save” my fire which was extremely expensive from their UK Spares supplier and because of the cost to repair I was on the verge of scrapping it and buying a new fire. Then I managed to find your company via a Google search for the part number. What a fantastic service you provide, not only was the part considerably cheaper (far more sensibly priced) but the delivery service, which arrived the next day was second to none. I have fitted the part and now my fire is working fully again. Thank you very much for helping me to “Save my Fire”.

Regards Mr Kevin Glastonbury (Order No. 100013988)


13/09/2016 – S.W. Burwood


Many thanks for your promptness with my order. Arrived quickly and well packed. Great price too.


06/09/2016 – Rhian Trumps


Hi there

Thank you for sending this transformer. I’ve had it fitted by a qualified electrician and it works for about 20 minutes and then goes off for about 30 mins before switching itself back on! Please could you advise, thanks



You describe a classic example of the safety cut out (SCO) engaging and resetting itself.
The SCO is not a fault. It is a safety feature.
Unit is detecting a fault so is shutting down once reaching its maximum operating temperature. Once cooled it resets and then the whole cycle starts again.
We call this revolving door as the procedure continues to repeat iteself.
The fault that caused your original unit to fail is still present. Most likely incorrect bulbs as this is the most common reason.
The fault must be cleared for the unit to work normally.
Please can you tell me how many bulbs you have on the light fitting and the wattage of the bulbs you are using?
Also are they LED or halogen?



Hi there

thanks so much for your advice – you were right: i had a mixture of 10 and 20 amp in the light so I’ve changed them all to 10.

Kind wishes



Rhian Trumps


03/09/2016 – Bob Tidmarsh



I’m sorry i lost the thread yesterday. You did indeed , your bang on with the wattage she has been replacing lamps with 20w instead 10w, seeing there are 12 of them it takes it well over the va range. I was looking too deep, it may be simply a case of replacing lamps. I looked into a little then called the client only to be told she’s sticking in 20 w lamps.
Thanking you for your help , if I can’t return the tranny then she can pay for it as a lesson learned.


Bob Tidmarsh



That is 3 times today customers have called and used incorrect bulbs. We get customers who call daily, identical issue.
It is so common.
Remove the bulbs and see if the safety cut out resets. If not, it may have damaged the unit, but on occasions some people are lucky.
Maximum on the 150w is 15 bulbs at 10w. If the customer wants to use 20w bulbs then a transformer of at least 300w will be needed, but you will need to check the wiring is capable of double loading.



I realised she had a mix. 
I will try what you suggested. 



02/09/2016 – Ken Lindop


Dear Jane
Just to say thank you to you and your colleagues for such efficient service. The transformer arrived in good time and the bathroom light is now working and in good order.
Many thanks
Ken Lindop


25/08/2016 – Kjell Arnt Stava


Thank You for fast and top service.


22/08/2016 – Osher Baddiel



Dear Steve

First of all, thank you for your help.

Second, does it matter that there is no earth on the new Jindel ballast?

Thirdly, what do I do with the four wires that come out of the new Jindel ballast block and go into the plastic four-hole socket which is for a four-pin lamp, please?  My fitting’s original Kebaohengji ballast has two lots of two wires going into two sides of the plastic block which takes the lamp and doesn’t have a single four-pin “female” block like this new Jindel ballast has but goes into a different kind of lamp-connector, as per the attached photos.

Cordial regards.


Lop the Jindel plug off and follow the wires exactly the same to the pins on the bulb terminal. I would leave some wire on your existing plug terminal so you can easily join up to the new Jindel wiring.
All you have there is a different shape bulb with the pins in opposite directions as opposed to the straight GXQ10 plug that is fitted to the Jindel ballast.
Each block of 2 wires goes to one pair of terminals on each side of the bulb.
The Jindel has no earth wire.

Follow Up

All working nicely — many thanks for your help and patience.


Got there in the end.


Follow Up

Yes, thanks to you!


12/08/2016 – Gilmar Da Silva


Bom dia!

Steve, acabou de chegar aqui pra mim os 10 Drivers.

Muito obrigado, deu tudo certo!

Fica com Deus!


Gilmar Silva

Translated to:-

Good Morning!

Steve, just come here for my 10 Drivers.
Thank you, everything worked!

Stay with God!

Gilmar Silva


10/08/2016 – Mr James Smith


Hi Steve

We had the new transformer fitted yesterday but are having some issues with it. When it was first switched on it just flickered once and then switched off. The lamp was removed and wiring checked once again but still with the same results. Next, all the bulbs were removed, checked and refitted 5 at a time. The lamp then worked perfectly until more than 15 out of the 20 bulbs were fitted? With 15 fitted the lamp can be switched on and off with know issues but with just one extra bulb fitted it flickers once and again turns off. It also does not matter how the bulbs are spread around the lamp the result is always the same.
Any suggestions would be most grateful.
Many thanks



You are overloading the unit. Incorrect bulbs which go over the rating of the transformer.
The safety cut out is kicking in.
When it detects an overload it will flicker / dim and shut down.
This may be why your previous unit failed.


Hi Steve

Cheers for that just checked each bulb fitted and 5 of them are 20w rather than the required 10w so that confirms the overloading. The lamp is 9 years old but I guess having the incorrect bulbs didn’t help. Thanks for your help much appreciated 



12/06/2016 – John Wordsworth


Hi, Just wanted to thank you for the Hui Bo Long lighting transformer (order Number 100013090). Quicker than I thought.

Up and running now. Once again Many Thanks.



13/05/2016 – Colin Mead


Thank you for the excellent service part ordered yesterday arrived this morning ceiling light now fully working and back on ceiling.
Many thanks for your help
Colin Mead


03/04/2016 – Mark


Initial Question



I have a ceiling light fixture that uses a SET210CS transformer. I see that the description says it is dimmable via the primary. I installed a 40-400W, 200-250 VAC dimmer switch, but it did not work well with the transformer. The SET210CS buzzed loudly and flashed the lights at most dimmer positions.

I tried a second dimmer to see if the first was defective. Both had the same results. Both dimmers are now working very well with lights that do not use transformers.

Is there a different type of dimmer that I can buy for this transformer? Or should I look for a different transformer that works with this type of dimmer?






Some of the earlier units are not dimmable.

The units we have are dimmable with a Trailing Edge Dimmer.

Kind Regards,
Steven Williams

UK & International Sales Manager
0871 288 266 0


Hi Steven,

You were right. I finally got around to purchasing a trailing-edge dimmer and installed it today.  Works great!  No hum and it dims all the way down to 0% without dropping off a cliff.

Thanks for your help.



13/03/2016 – Stuart Larder


Thank you for your prompt service with my Huibolong transformer.  it is connected and all is in working order.

Kind regards,   Stuart Larder.


02/03/2016 – Graham Simpson


Dear sir/madam

I would like to cancel order number 100012472 as I do not now require this part. Apologies for the disruption. Can you please confirm by email?

Many thanks
Graham Simpson



Kind Regards,
Steven Williams


Many thanks Steven, impressive response. You obviously run a very tight ship!

Best regards
Graham Simpson


20/02/2016 – David Houston


Order received Saturday with paperwork – excellent service.
Many thanks


17/02/2016 – Ms Peyrat


my order receipt, with thanks to the speed and to congratulate the paperboy FEDEX, Mickael, who had to go twice; very correct and punctual.

Ms. Peyrat


15/02/2016 – Claire Martin


Thank you very much for your promp delivery; we thought we’d give it a bash in ordering a transformer and we were hopeful we wouldn’t have to replace our two matching lights in the lounge. Thank you … You really have saved our ‘lights’!! We will definitely recommend you, a very impressive service.


30/01/2016 – John Melich


Hi John Here                                                                                                                                                          just To Let You Know Picked